In the News

American Banker, July 29, 2013, Revenue-Starved Banks See Opportunity in Financing Exports: "If you are a middle-market company in the U.S., where [gross domestic product] is growing at 2 percent to 2.5 percent, then you can either fight it out here or go to markets that are growing at a rate of 8 percent to 10 percent," says Peter Hughes, a Long Island consultant who advises banks on working with middle-market companies. "The demand for export finance is going to go up dramatically and will continue to grow dramatically." Full Article

Independent Banker, October 2013, Backing Marco Polo: “I’m amazed when travelling that I meet more and more CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses that are exploring international markets for the first time,” says Peter Hughes, managing partner for CLB Advisory LLC…” Full Article

Fox Business, July 2, 2013 CLB Advisory managing director Michael Ho weighs in on the Shuanghui, Smithfield deal. Video

What Our Clients Have Said

"I have worked with Peter in varying capacities over the past 20+ years. He is efficient and effective. A brilliant strategist who is able to get to the heart of both financial and structure issues quickly. He is a tireless colleague who can make the complex simple and brings ideas to actions with ease. Highly recommend Peter.” August 4, 2011 - Senior Business Executive

“I've worked with Peter at two different financial institutions. His approach to the commercial banking business is spot-on and he provides a good road map for building a consultative, value-added and relationship-based sales culture.” August 7, 2011 - Head of Business Group

“It has been to my benefit to have worked with Peter in various capacities for nearly 15 years. Through the years, Peter has consistently demonstrated an uncanny ability to connect the macro trends / issues of the financial services industry to an individual player's daily work. He challenges one to think strategically while acting locally with one's clients and associates, delivering value by better equiping us to deliver value to our clients. A high energy life long learner of unquestioned integrity, he lifts the performance bar on himself and those around him with high touch and values-based candor.” August 17, 2011 - Chief Strategist

“Peter is a highly knowledgeable consultant in the financial services space. He is an excellent strategic thinker and delivers sound actionable advice. I have a had a working relationship with Peter for 10 years. He is a valuable resource to executive management, as well as to members of the sales and marketing teams within a company.” September 13, 2011 - Bank President

“Peter is a hands-on consultant grounded in reality versus theory. Peter's long tenure in the financial services industry coupled with his perspective as a business owner gives him a unique view of banks and their clients. Peter has an engaging personality and teaching style that utilizes very current and relevant data to provide a fast-paced curriculum.” October 5, 2011 - Regional Executive

“I started to work with CLB when I took responsibility for the worldwide marketing of the corporate business of an international German bank. In this context Peter had a leading role in helping us to build and train Key Account Management Teams and to introduce deal-orientated communication procedures to facilitate cross-selling in our international branch network. Important factors of Peter's successful work were his ability to understand behavioral and communication structures in different cultures, and his ability to transform strategies into hands-on working procedures which also created transparency of the performance of peer groups of account managers. Peter also successfully helped to organize client team sessions with international corporate clients on top management level.” November 4, 2011 - Chief Strategist