Strategic Marketing

Our Strategic Marketing consultants show you how to:

  • Improve banker productivity (revenue and revenue growth per banker and per relationship)
  • Create new wallet with your clients
  • Increase the breath of your client’s relationship with your institution, utilizing all relevant capabilities
  • Improve conversion rates of proposals and prospects
  • Minimize the importance of price and structure in your client’s decision
  • Build a sustainable business with above average risk adjusted returns

Consulting services will typically entail:

  • An assessment of present client engagement disciplines
  • Collection of internal and external best practices
  • Benchmarking of returns and productivity against relevant competitors
  • Building a playbook that entails all desired client engagement disciplines, coaching and inspection processes
  • Initial training for all team members on the playbook
  • Specific training for leaders on how to_coach and lead the new disciplines
  • Integration into existing sales management systems (Salesforce, CRM or internal systems)
  • Reinforcement via real life coaching with the client team

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