Strategic Credit Analysis

Most credit consulting addresses only the financial analysis of a client, but CLB Advisory has developed a credit curriculum that addresses Management Assessment, Business Risk Analysis, Potential for Accounting Manipulation and, most importantly, how to use the credit analysis to identify new cross-sell opportunities. Here are four ways our curriculum differs from our competition:

Curriculum Relevancy  The purpose of Credit Analysis is to first decide whether the counterparty risk is acceptable. Instead of focusing primarily on financial statements, our unique curriculum focuses on comprehensive risk assessment, taking into consideration both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of risk exposure. We have developed specific benchmarks to assess management quality. These benchmarks help you gauge management’s ability to run a company successfully. Structured process helps you assess the impact of business and industry risk and factor these into future cashflows to assess the repayment ability of the company. This process helps participants better evaluate counterparty risk. Please click on image at right for our approach to Structured Credit Analysis.

Role Specific  Our individualized curriculum is tailored for specific roles:

  • Curriculum objective for Credit Analysts is focused on Comprehensive Credit Evaluation and structuring Effective Credit Memorandums.
  • Curriculum objective for Credit Approvers is to add value in evaluating credit risk and work with the business such that the risks are mitigated and that the bank is able to meet client requests.
  • Curriculum objective for the Relationship Manager is twofold. The first objective is to identify key risks faced by your client and how to effectively manage and monitor these risks. The second objective is to spot the revenue generating opportunities by using the “risk prioritization grid.”

Please click on image at right for a visual representation how these roles work together.

Counterparty Specific  Unlike other programs, our curriculum takes into account the size and nature of counterparty. The course approach and the case studies are tailored to your specific client segment i.e. large corporates, mid sized corporates and SMEs.

Learning Effectiveness  Post classroom training, we also offer one-on-one coaching to reinforce the learning. We have observed that this had an impact on the overall productivity and reduces the turn around time.

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